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Ever Thought, 
"i could really use some extra money to help pay for ___________?"
Town Financial with the combined power of Prompt Financial services are here to help. We offer secured loans in a form of a lien against your home up to $30,000. 
WHATEVER YOU WANT! Is the short answer.
Your loan could help you pay off debt, that emergency plumbing bill, vet bills that keep adding up, vehicle repairs, home renovations or maybe your grocery list and you need help covering the additional cost. Whatever you need this loan may be a solution for you.
Emergency Repairs
Home Renovations
Pay off High Interest Debt
 WHY choose our loan?
  • Low Interest Rate of 8.99% NOTICE we did not say starting at or up to? The rate is 8.99%
  • OPEN LOAN Meaning you can pay it off in full or partial at anytime.
  • Quick, Funds could be in your account in 72 hours.
  •  Less Hassle Compared to doing a second mortgage it is far less hassle and much quicker.
  •  No Legals No lawyers are needed.
  •  No Appraisals Saving you money and time. **Limited time ONLY
  •  Up to 85% of your homes Value Getting you MORE money.
  •  Lower interest payments Allowing you to get ahead.
  •  Improve your Credit score  Reducing your debt will cause your credit score to go up.
  •  Emergency Funds We all need some every now and again
  •  Flexible with credit score We don't expect your score to be perfect. You can qualify with scores even under 600.
Do I need to own a house?
This is a secured loan so owning a house with some equity will be necessary.
How long will the process take?
Total time is about 72 hours to money in your account. Generally the application is approved within 24 hours and once approved funds can be in your account within 48 hours.
I live outside of Ontario can I get this loan?
At this time we are only able to provide loans for those who own homes in Ontario.
I have credit issues can I still apply?
YES! We can look at lending to clients with bruised credit. In the event your credit does not meet the minimum requirements for our loan we can offer other alternatives and set you up on a credit repair path.
How little or how much can I borrow?
We can do the loans with as little as $3,000 or up to a $30,000 maximum.
Does the loan report to my credit bureau?
The loan does not report to your credit bureau unless you miss a payment. This could work to your advantage when applying for a mortgage.
ABOUT Town Financial
We are dedicated to focusing on what matters most to you. We are driven to succeed and devoted to delivering the highest quality customer service.
All sides of our business are backed by the industry leaders, which allows us to offer the very best solutions for you. Our passion for success stems from our own personal experiences and hardships that we have had to overcome in our lives. Through education and experience we have been able to apply solutions to our own lives and have grown a passion for helping others do the same.
We thrive on seeing others succeed and celebrating accomplishments along side our clients. Whether you are purchasing your first home, a first rental property, savings for your child’s future or saving the retirement you dream of, we are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals.
20 Bennett Street - Suite 202 
Carleton Place, ON  K7C 4J9

Toll Free: 1.877.230.8872
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Loan amounts to be determined based on clients application, credit score and property they own. Rates are subject to change without notice. Other monthly fees and costs may apply depending on the client. All costs will be disclosed once the application is approved and the client has an opportunity to decline the offer. Town Financial only handles the application process. Prompt Financial Solutions are the ones funding the loan and managing the loan however they do not deal direct with the public.

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